Enemy Organizations

The Black List
A consulting organization for hitmen and assassins. Allied with numerous Mafias and Gangs, The Black List is a sort of who’s who of the criminal underworld. The Black List is more of a consolidation of different smaller criminal organizations. No known central leadership.

The Sons of Anansi
Anti-Alien Mystic Extremists. Have committed a number of vicious crimes against aliens across the world. The organization originated in Africa but has since spread across the world. Possessing a large internet web-ring with heavily frequented forums. Small numbers of actually dangerous sects of the group. Noted for containing reformed members of hate-groups who have abandoned racism in favor of speciesism.

Tempest Laboratories
A Genetics Corporation owned by Robert Caliban. Responsible for a number of accidental global extinction threats and smart-viruses. Credited with the creation of the Blue Plague, Penicillin 2, and Super Polio.

The Foundation
A mysterious organization working behind the scenes of global affairs. True motives unknown. More data needed. Assume threat until proven otherwise.

Enemy Organizations

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