Is the special operations program to dismantle and defeat the entity known as Kumarus, alias Camalus King.


Kumarus draws power from conflict and it appears he is seeking to instigate a global war. The most recent massive conflict brought upon the primary use of nuclear weapons, hence his current power set. It is theorized that a superhuman world war might imbue him with untold ability. This must be prevented at all costs.


The entity known as Kumarus is purported to be a Combat Deity, or god of war. He gains supernatural power from the ideal of war, possibly being an elemental entity such as The Firebird, representing a primal force of the planet. It is currently unknown if he can be permanently killed and ill advised to attempt any direct attack against him.

His abilities are not fully known but he is able to harness the full extent of the effects of an Atomic Explosion. He is capable of reactively emitting heat, force, radiation and electromagnetic pulses. In addition he has strength enough to lift approximately 400 tons, with an unverified maximum strength. He is nearly invincible and incredibly fast. Approach with caution.

Kumarus is a Person of Mass Destruction. Do Not Engage.


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