Valiant Solutions
A PMC operating out of Canada, led by ex-Sanction officer Randall Clay (Threat Level Red), Special forces training etc.
Lieutenant: Dexter Hurst, old-spymaster with invisibility powers. Formerly super assassin known as The Wraith, crippled by Lau. (Threat Level Yellow)

Red Hand Security
A PMC operating out of South America, mostly hired by drug cartels. Led by shrewd tactician Ingrid Havok, (Threat Level Blue) non-powered. The organization has lost a great deal of influence, leading to a power-vacuum in South America.
Lieutenant: DeCarga (Threat Level Yellow) Shapeshifter, former Assassin/Hitman

The Justice Consultancy
An honor-bound European PMC with particularly powerful soldiers. Led by a flying brick named Roy Erickson, aka White Knight (Threat Level Red, possibly Black), Solves high-end missions personally, but also employs a small stable of Red Level Employees.
Lieutenant: Helena Casper Magic-swordswoman, mastery of water. Incredibly dangerous (Threat Level Red)

The Tomorrow Group
A Multinational high-tech/genetics company specializing in high-end security located in the Pacific. Led by a cyborg mastermind named Chase Tanaka (Threat Level Yellow)
Lieutenant Kajir 626 Lesser Alien Intellect in a machine body, not built for combat. (Threat Level Blue)
Thunderbolts: Industrial Copies of the Prometheus Armor (Threat Level Red)

The Chemical Agency
A bio-chemical engineering firm with a small dabbling in securities and “Mercenary Doctors” Led by Professor Hyde who engages in contracted hero work for Sanction, (Threat Level Red) The company itself is largely legitimate though they have been suspected of engaging in clandestine activities.
Lieutenant Antidote Ivan Russian Super-Scientist and former supervillain. Skin capable of secreting regenerative ointments as well as vicious poisons. (Threat Level Yellow)


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