The United States Department of Superhuman Affairs.

Headed by Edwin O’Douglas

Employs numerous special agents and teams to dispatch superhuman threats. Created the currently accepted Global Threat Level system.

Specializes in genetically modified metahumans, with a particular focus in psychic abilities. Also in possession of advanced technology and a number of supernatural resources.

Solomon: Squad sergeant, dragon man, in charge of training.
David McCloud Temperature control. Ice/Fire. In charge of field operatives
Pylon real name: Jacob Leonard, Metromancer In charge of security.

Public Hero Agents
Isaac Hayden aka Red Merlin: A tactile telekinetic with Ataraxia. One of several clones of Amadeus One.
Juno Song aka Leyline: A special ops agent with issues.
Maid Marian: Barrier Maiden, witch with specialization in antimagic skills.
ColdSnap: Speedster with the ability to turn heat energy into kinetic energy.
Kid Bunyan: Super Strong axe-wielding hero.
Finnigan Wake: Low Grade brick, New York Irish
Forecast: Formerly Weather Girl, Elemental powers corresponding to the different seasons. Summer: Fire, Autumn: Wind, etc.


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