The Foundation

The Foundation

A secret organization run by the enigmatic Octavian Nhu’man and his immediate assistant Miss Yoshina

The Foundation was created as an organization that effectively plays dice with global politics.

Almost all world political governments know about The Foundation and employ there services. The Foundation functionally runs marketing for government entities. Public Opinion polls are their tool. They have control over media empires, food services, advertising and many top politicians are in their pocket. They heavily employ psychics and magic users in their efforts and ostensibly have spies in middling positions of every major superhuman power. The Foundation supports the principle that the world must be guided by a firm hand if it is to reach it’s maximum potential and they will use any means necessary to achieve this goal, including illegal or dangerous experimentation, terrorist activities, sabotage and assassination.

They have their fingers deep in the world’s military industrial complex and they own dozens of front corporations, and gain additional funding from any world government who pays them to keep things running. Spending trends indicate that the Foundation has a reliable income of billions of dollars per year.

Regardless of their dark reputation The Foundation is confident that history will vindicate them. After all, they write it.


The Foundation is organized into hundreds of independent cells which have no knowledge of their counterparts. This ensures that should one cell be compromised, the others would not be captured. Each cell is led by an special operative who reports directly to Yoshina. Foundation operations, range from military to political to scientific, but all united under the common goal of advancing humanity. The Foundation also has operatives throughout the major PMCs and military forces in the world, often embedded in high-ranking positions, giving Octavian constant updates and feeding him information that would otherwise be classified.

They have yet to infiltrate the Shadow Parliament of the Ordo Insolitus, and they have no influence over Edwin O’Douglas, Director of Sanction. It is presumed they are on the Citizen’s Council of the Ten Brothers Program and it is unknown what if any influence they have over Ma’at.


The Foundation produces its own proprietary weapon and armor systems for the exclusive use of its operatives. Powered Armor from the Yeoman Company and secret military grade experimental equipment is in continuous use. Their many super powered operatives are the best of the best, with few if any fully ranked Cerberus agents with threat ratings below Red.


Sanction Data indicates that Octavian, ostensibly a legitimate businessman is in fact the leader of The Foundation. His primary weapons include ABEL Powered Armor granting him numerous weapons systems and sensor arrays. Abilities not fully known at this time. He was purported to have a unique pacemaker that helps a dangerous heart condition, however this has been proven to be false information.

Octavian is in fact an Ancient Vampire Lord, millenia old. The ABEL suit’s primary function is in fact to protect him from sunlight while his “Pacemaker” is actually an unknown high-density armor that protects his heart and prevents it from being staked.

Octavian is officially designated a PERSON OF MASS DESTRUCTION Do not engage.

The Foundation

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