The Peacekeepers

The United Nations special task force constructed with the greatest hero from each Nation with a developed Superhuman Military Program. Advocacy of the Peacekeepers lends a great deal of political clout as well as a gesture of goodwill. Notably countries who participate in the Peacekeepers program fall under somewhat lighter scrutiny in their superhuman programs.

As of The San Diego Accords The Peacekeepers has not had a significant shift in membership over the last twenty years. signatories of the Accords must abide by the set protocols when performing post-human experimentation.

The Current Peacekeepers
The New York Minute A enhanced ability suit granting it’s user superhuman speed and multiple powerful ordinances.
Van Helsing II Apprentice to the original Van Helsing, equipped with special magical artifacts including a magic sword. Trained in basic thaumaturgy and evocation.
Agent 42 Half-human alien hybrid capable of telemetry. Immune to psychic assault and capable of regenerating from any injury.
OROCHI Japanese digital entity, a directed super-virus capable of a variety of advanced technological assaults. Handler Daisuke Naga boy genius.
The Grey Wolf Werewolf with accelerated strength, senses and durability.

The Peacekeepers as of The Tartarus Event
Amadeus One Master Psychic from America. Unparalleled Telepathic and Telekinetic abilities. DECEASED
Van Helsing Natural human, specially trained to deal with monstrous threats, equipped with a variety of magical weapons and armors. DECEASED
Agent 14, Alien citizen born in Kenya, equipped with a variety of alien technologies and the ability to create and re-absorb copies of himself. Acts globally. DECEASED
KIRIN Chinese true-AI that joined the Peacekeepers independently. Able to manipulate or hack almost all digital information, formerly considered a major global threat before the revelation that it possesses agency, true intelligence, and also an arrangement of evolving ethics programs. It has since become China’s greatest hero. IN QUARANTINE
Firebird and The Grey Wolf An ancient immortal fire-spirit inhabiting a human body, and her super-strong werewolf sidekick. MISSING IN ACTION, and ACTIVE respectively

The Peacekeepers

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