The Tartarus Event

During the first fully allied Peacekeeper Action since 1987, the team was sent on a mission to rescue an unknown superhuman soul from the Sub-Infernal DMZ known as Tartarus.

The operation took exactly 49 hours and twenty-seven minutes, during which there luckily were no major superhuman incidents on Earth. The actual events of the Operation are undisclosed, the mission was deemed reported successful.

Exactly one year to the minute after the return from Tartarus, every member of the Peacekeepers (With one exception) was found killed or missing in action. Each death or disturbance seems to point to the methods of another member of the Peacekeepers. It is unclear how exactly this crime was perpetrated but suspicions are abundant. The exact situations upon the Peacekeeper deaths are listed below:

Amadeus One was found murdered with multiple precision stab wounds from a short blade. Residual Alchemical silver was found within the wounds matching weapons used by Van Helsing.
Van Helsing was found burned to death in his own home. His defensive wards were all reduced to ash, even the ones specifically designed to resist fire, pointing to supernaturally powerful heat effects.
Firebird is currently missing, whereabouts unknown. As no reincarnation has been found it is assumed she is still alive but contained somewhere.
Kirin currently in Quarantine in a special chinese data laboratory after infection with a computer virus of alien origin. Messages and data left behind by the Artifical Intelligence are either gibberish or heavily encoded still currently being deciphered.
Agent 14 killed in his base of operations after spontaneously calling back all of his duplicates. His body was found with his psychic defense implant blown out by an immense psychic trauma. The only individual with the necessary telepathic abilities to do so is Amadeus One himself.
The Gray Wolf was hospitalized during this period after a battle with Baba Yaga, as far as Sanction operatives can tell he was not targeted and has since fully recovered and returned to active duty.

Investigation is ongoing.

The Tartarus Event

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