Threat Scales

Threat Level
  • White: Non-powered Non-Hostile element
  • Green: Low risk element: Surveillance suggested, no action required.
  • Blue: General Threat: Mundane law enforcement up to SWAT level danger.
  • Yellow: Dangerous: Powered Agent involvement recommended.
  • Red: Severe Threat: Full Squad Suppression recommended.
  • Black: Global Threat: Big Guns and allied action recommended


Personal Strength Level:
Includes Telekinesis
0: Strength is within human limits
1: Strength is post-human
2: Strength is measured in tonnage
3: Strength exceeds 50 tons.
4: Strength exceeds 100 tons
5: Strength incalculable at this time.

Include Reach/range of telekinesis.

Escape Range:
Includes abilities such as flight, land-speed, phasing and teleportation.
0:Normal human movement
1: An advanced form of movement such as enhanced speed or flight.
2: An advanced form of movement comparable to vehicular travel.
3: Advanced form of movement in excess of vehicular travel
4: Intangibility
5: Teleportation

Give speed or distance able to travel.

Defense Rating:
0: Vulnerable to small arms fire
1: Resistant to small arms fire.
2: Resistant to armor piercing weapons
3: Resistant to light Ordinance
4: Resistant to heavy Ordinance
5: Immune to physical harm.

Include specific immunities/vulnerabilities

Energy Projection:
Range/Area/Damage, recorded energy types and particular solutions.

0: Normal Human
1: Enhanced Sense
2: Multiple enhanced Senses
3: Radar Sense, or equivalent
4: Precognition or Unrestrained Information Network Access
5: Omniscience

Special Suppression Factors:
0: None
1: Minor Sensory Manipulation
2: Major Sensory Manipulation
3: Variable Ability, such as shapeshifting
4: Probability Control
5: Full Temporal Manipulation

Give Specifics on abnormal abilities.

Threat Scales

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