Known Enemy Elements


Baba Yaga: The ancient Witch, incredibly powerful and dangerous. Unknown goals.
The Wild Hunt: A godlike being who is the lord of the hunt. With a legion of beasts and hunters, he has incredibly powerful compulsions.
Magnus Omega: Technolich, summons demons and attaches high-tech armaments to them. Very Dangerous.
Walpole Current status unknown, presumed still at large.
Centuria: Female Vigilante, Flying Brick. Does not bow to any governmental organization. Causes a great deal of property damage in her engagements. Low-priority suppression, but still considered a threat.


Father Babylon: refugee from the future. No data on the new past, but spacial control powers and a little bit crazy, tries to prevent specific undefined events. Seems a bit bonkers.
Robert Caliban: multi-citizen metahuman expert. Master of Genetics, uses a lot of sleeper viruses and the like. Never experiments on self as a rule. Very strict regiment of diet and exercise to maintain physical condition, quite spry.
Lau: An impossibly skilled super-agent. Trained Special Agent Juno Song. Assassination specialist. Teleportation and Photographic Reflexes
Skinwalker: The Wild Hunt’s personal servant. Shapeshifting demigod
Legion: A duplicating Laotian superhuman. Kung Fu up the wazoo.
Lady Macbeth: Pyrokinetic assassin. Rival to Lau, former Sanction.
Black Swan: Assassin, Magic User. Specializes in illusions and veils. [Recently Deceased]
Iblis: A mysterious assassin who can become a living sandstorm.
The Samson Brothers: A pair of blonde twins who are both flying bricks


Pablo the Animal: Savage beast-man Gangbanger
Lupo the Corpse: Zombie Hitman
Fu-Onna: Demon girl, with deadly hair
Kamikaze: Poltergeist who possesses fighter jets
Sosuke Saiha: Cyborg Ninja. The poor-man’s Lau.
Bajra 331 Greater: Alien piloting a warrior machine, gathers superhuman genetic samples.

Known Enemy Elements

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