The Ten Brothers Program

The Chinese superhuman program with alliances among Japan and Korea.

Led by The Citizen’s Council a group of businessmen, scientists and generals, Their true identities are undisclosed.

Members include:

Red Hare An intelligent ancient Magical Chinese Warhorse.
Jaguar Jets A Specialized squad of high-speed japanese fighter-jets designed to battle The New York Minute. Specialized tracking systems and magnetic rail-guns.
Brother Units Powered Armors, superior to Minotaur Mechs. Various unique abilities designed for suppression rather than up-front battle.
Terracotta Soldiers Android Footmen, placed in strategic positions all around the world. The force has been decommissioned/dismantled after The San Diego Accords
Wondercop A female interpol officer, peak human abilities. Additional skills unknown.
Kid Shonen A relatively young superhero with moderate super strength. Kid Shonen has handled a number of high-threat incidents. It’s unclear how he managed to succeed against these opponents but he has a remarkable success rate.

The Ten Brothers Program

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